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San Juan Islands’ Cruise Food Provisioning

Great food contributes significantly to our experience…  Captain Mark, a self-described foodie, often brings that special rub or sauce or other special ingredients from his home cupboard!  Local seafood and cuisine make our trip special, but your individual needs are of utmost importance.  Note the following:

  • Captain will determine quantities based upon food selection requests, meal category and number of people on board
  • Purchase your own alcoholic beverages (canned beer is best for recyclable storage)
  • We have lots of room for safe stowage of glass wine bottles
  • Captain will shop for all consumables necessary for galley & bath
  • Please advise beforehand any food allergies / dietary considerations
  • Captain will circulate final shopping list after compiling input from Guests well prior to trip!

Use of the outdoor cockpit BBQ is preferable to keep heat out of the galley.  There is a reliable gas stove, oven, and built-in refrigerator and freezer on board.  We enjoy French Press coffee.  A large mini market with an excellent selection is available at Roche Harbor for additional provisions the morning of Day Three.  A small store is available at Rosario Resort, our last night.

Breakfast Item Suggestions

  • Breakfast bars, Fruit, Yogurt, Granola
  • Nutri-bullet (kale, veggies, fruit juice etc.)
  • Egg Bake (coarsely diced Hempler breakfast sausage, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, cheese, garlic, green onion etc.)
  • Bacon & fried eggs
  • French Toast
  • Coffee, assorted juices, tea


  • “Deli” sandwich ingredients
  • Salad makings, assorted cold salad(s)
  • Fruit assortment
  • Snack-chips, cookies


  • Each of 4 Guest Cabins to come up with ingredient list for one evening’s meal, please.  Cabins will take one evening each to prepare and service the evening meal.  Appetizer, Entrée, Salad, and Dessert would be perfect.  Consider local and fresh!
  • Typically, once the meal is complete the Chef is off duty; KP by volunteers!